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Richard Brezina

About Richard

During his childhood, Rick developed his love of the outdoors and it stayed with him his entire life. Before moving to Japan, Rick became an avid mountaineer and climber during university, with 20 years of experience and number North America and European summits, including Mt. McKinley and Mont Blanc. After moving to Kyushu (Japan’s most southwesterly of its four main islands), Rick and his wife Leanne began sea kayaking. Their attention turned to paragliding in 2010 and they have been hook ever since. Since then Rick has logged nearly 3,000 hours and many cross country flights.

The Red Bull X-Alps

The race conditions are grueling, demanding expert paragliding skills, mental strength, complicated navigation, team work and extreme endurance. The Red Bull X-Alps is one of the world’s toughest adventure races in which athletes hike and fly over 1,000 km across the Alps from Salzburg, Austria to Monaco on the Mediterranean Sea.