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Mittellegi Hut

About Mittellegi Hut

In 1921, Yuko Maki, a Japanese mountaineer, with three mountain guides, Fritz Amatter, Samuel Brawand and Fritz Steuri from Grindelwald, made the first successful ascent of the Eiger via the east ridge, the Mittellegi Ridge.

Three years after the first ascent, Mittellegi Hut was built right on the edge of the east ridge, with full support from Yuko Maki in 1924. Many mountaineers from all over the world who attempt to reach the peak of the Eiger use the Mittellegi Hut.

In 2001, volunteers reconstructed the hut as it had become old and its size limited how many people could use it. In 2019, the hut was further renovated and extended to meet the increasing demands of mountaineers and provide improved comfort. Montbell proudly supported this rebuilding work.

The Mittellegi Hut has become one of the most spectacular and extraordinary overnight accommodations for mountaineers in the entire alpine region.

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