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Peak Dry Shell


Updated 10/17/20 (EST)

Best Rain Shells of 2019 : Backcountry Skiing Canada

Reviewed in September, 2019

Mont Bell has used Gore-Tex Active with ShakeDry technology for the Peak Dry Shell which is a revolutionary waterproof/breathable membrane. This fabric places the membrane on the outside of the jacket with no face fabric to protect it so a DWR finish is not required and you can be guaranteed that the fabric will not wet out and continually beed water. You do have to baby the fabric and protect it from oils and abrasions since the membrane is not protected on the outer face. Which also means that the Peak Dry Shell breaths like no other jacket.

The Peak Dry Shell is ideal as an emergency layer for light and fast mountain missions and trail running where a heavy pack is not required. Day-to-day use with a large pack can damage the exposed membrane so this is not the Peak Dry's forte. Its lightweight and compact size meant it's to be stored in your pack and pulled out for those situations where the weather turns on you. Cut from a single piece of fabric, Mont Bell's innovative K-MONO CUT drastically reduces the number of seam lines required which means this eliminates places where water can penetrate, keeping the Peak Dry Shell waterproof and lightweight.

from Backcountry Skiing Canada


Reviewed in October, 2020

We love Montbell for several reasons. Number one is that they are dedicated to fast and light products. They’re not afraid to innovate and they are proud to release cutting edge product that works for backpackers and thru hikers regardless of the appeal for average city folks. If you’re looking for the lightest puffy jacket, there’s no question it’s going to be a Montbell.

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