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Micro Towel Hand


Updated 10/24/17 (EST)

Montbell Athlete Heather "Anish" Anderson Review and Recommendations

Reviewed in October, 2017

This little towel has incredible absorbency for it’s .2 ounce weight and less than 10 inche square size! I carried this as a multi-purpose towel during my 2017 Southbound Thru-hike of the Continental Divide Trail. The snap strap closure was perfect for clipping it onto the waistbelt of my pack to keep it handy. Unlike the bandannas I’ve always carried, this never fell off or got lost, even in thick bushwhacking and high winds. Despite 3,000 miles of hiking it’s still in excellent condition. Best of all, it dries nearly instantly and can be tossed in the laundry with everything else.

from Heather "Anish" Anderson