Did you know that ever time you wash a water-repellant fabric, you are reducing its effectiveness? Or that the natural oils from your skin and hair can also wreak havoc on your water-repellent apparel? That's why Montbell has taken water-repellent technology a step further with Polkatex, its permanent water-repellent fabric.

Unlike other water-repellent fabrics, Polkatex will retain its ability to keep you dry wear after wear, wash after wash. Here's how it works: Polkatex is treated with a water-based fluorine finish that adheres to the fibers of the fabric, providing excellent water resistance. Polkatex also contains a cushioning agent that "fills in" the molecular bonds, giving them a unique elasticity. This elasticity allows the bonds to rebound from the excess wear and tear that can result from harsh detergents and oils. Water-repellent and abrasion resistant, Polkatex lasts.