Super Merino Wool

High Thermal Performance

A microscopic look at the surface of an individual fiber reveals a protective scale structure. The scaly outer layer repels water, while the core remains highly absorbent. Under normal conditions the hydrophobic scales shut moisture out. However, as humidity increases due to body heat and perspiration, the scales open slightly to allow the sweat-absorbing core to be exposed. Additionally, the scales hold the fabric away from your body maintaining a dry comfortable feel. Commonly, these scales are removed in the shrink-resistance process. At Montbell, we have been able to perfect an anti-shrink technology without compromising the naturally beneficial characteristics of wool fibers.

Supreme Comfort

Montbell uses the highest quality of merino wool from New Zealand for our base layers. With a selective fine gauge 18.5 micron fiber, Montbell's merino wool feels extremely smooth and has great elasticity. The fibers that we utilize are more uniform in the number of crimps and their direction, while maintaining great consistency in diameter. This allows for very few "stray" fibers that make traditional wool garments itchy and uncomfortable.

Natural Antibacterial Properties

It is said that wool fabrics are naturally odor resistant and SUPER MERINO Wool is no different. The complex nature of the wool fiber allows us to create a highly breathable fabric that easily moves perspiration away from the skin, creating a dry environment where odor causing bacteria cannot thrive. Without a warm, moist place to live, odors never build and you smell better longer.

Static Electricity Resistant

By introducing a small number of electron deductive carbon fibers into the SUPER MERINO Wool weave, we are able to produce a fabric that limits the positive charges placed on atoms during activity, thus reducing the amount of static electric build up.

Simple to Care For

All of Montbell's SUPER MERINO Wool garments can be washed in the home. (Please use mild detergent)


Expedition : 79% SUPER MERINO Wool + 18% Polyester + 2% Nylon + 1% Polyurethane
Middle Weight : 100% SUPER MERINO Wool
Light Weight : 92% SUPER MERINO Wool + 8% Nylon

Ideal uses

Expedition : Cold-weather mountaineering / Ice climbing / Skiing / Snowboarding
Middle Weight : Backcountry skiing & snowboarding / Mountaineering / Hiking / Climbing
Light Weight : Trekking / Trail running / Cycling