Wickron AB2

When you are outdoors exercising hard, your feet are exposed to sweat, friction, dirt, water, and other conditions that can cause blisters, discomfort, and unpleasant odors. To help you avoid these problems, Montbell developed wickron AB2 for our socks.

Made from a thick acrylic yarn with special three-lobed fibers, wickron AB2 is as absorbent as cotton or rayon, but it dries much faster. When your foot gets wet or perspires, wickron AB2 immediately wicks the moisture to the sock's surface, where it can evaporate. (The wicking occurs as capillary action in the spaces between the fiber's three lobes.) And, since the fibers themselves do not absorb water, your feet stay dry, warm, and comfortable.

On overnight treks or hikes, limited pack space can make it difficult to change your socks as often as you like. For this reason, Montbell treats wickron AB2 with an antimicrobial finish. This finish fights off the bacteria and fungus that can cause foot odors and athlete's foot, and it will not wear off even after 200 washings!

Durable and comfortably soft, wickron AB2 socks are highly absorbent, quick drying and perfect for any outdoor activity.