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Skiing Apparel Guide

When skiing or snowboarding, you are exposed to strong cold winds and sub freezing temperatures. To stay comfortable in these harsh conditions, highly technical outdoor garments are a necessity.

Storm Parka Men's / Women's

This parka is ideal for snow sports and other active pursuits. The shell features a unique waterproof/breathable fabric with excellent breathability, keeping you comfortable and dry. Incorporates EXCELOFT®, which provides excellent heat retention despite its thin form, achieves simultaneous mobility and warmth. Features a range of essential features for snow sports such as pit zips.

Charmoz Parka Men's / Women's

Utilizes a unique waterproof/breathable fabric to release built up moisture. This insulated hard shell employs EXCELOFT, which boasts excellent insulation capabilities and is very lightweight. This model achieves excellent heat retention and outstanding comfort by preventing moisture from collecting inside the jacket. With features such as the Roll Away Hood, the jacket is well-balanced to be effective for activities such as snow sports and winter mountain climbing.

Powder Step Parka Men's / Women's

The Powder Step Parka is our stripped down ski jacket. Developed using our proprietary waterproof breathable material DRY-TEC™ and 50g of our proprietary synthetic insulation EXCELOFT®, this jacket is prime for skiing in conditions typical of the Pacific Northwest and Western skiing. While this may not be an appropriate option for conditions on the "Ice Coast," it may be possible to layer accordingly, but we are not making any promises. Features of the Powder Step include a helmet compatible hood, 2 zippered hand pockets, 1 zippered chest pocket for stashing away a snack or map of the mountain and a zippered pocket at the wrist for securing your RFID ski pass.

Powder Hop Parka Men's / Women's

The Powder Hop Parka is the older sibling of the Powder Step Parka. Designed to be a streamlined ski jacket, developed using our proprietary waterproof breathable material DRY-TEC and 100g of our proprietary synthetic insulation EXCELOFT. Features the Powder Step does include is a Helmet Compatible Hood and a total of 6 pockets for organizing everything you need for a day at your favorite mountain.

3in1 Fall Line Parka Men's / Women's

This 3-in-1 style jacket has a waterproof outer shell and an synthetic insulation liner. The outer shell is made using Montbell's original waterproof breathable material, DRY-TEC™. The liner uses EXCELOFT®, a synthetic insulation which has better insulating properties when wet compared to down. Either jacket can be used by itself and can be used together when an insulated weather proof jacket is required for your preferred winter activity.

Stream Parka Men's / Women's

This burly hard-shell is built to stand up to the toughest alpine conditions. A proven choice for professional mountain guides, the Stream Parka excels in the face of inclement mountain weather. By combining a durable outer fabric with GORE-TEX® C-Knit Backer, this jacket boasts superior performance without the tactile performance of an ordinary hard shell. Pockets are positioned so as not to interfere with a harness and can easily accommodate thick gloves or goggles. The thoughtful design of this parka is intended to reduce the stresses of constant movement and keep you performing comfortably all day.

Dyna Action Parka / Pumori Parka

Dyna Action Parka Men's

By re-imagining what this parka could be we allowed ourselves to carefully select unique materials equipped to execute specific tasks yielding an exciting hybrid design. This formidable alpine outer shell that has never been lighter or more focused on moving comfortably in an alpine setting. The body of the Dyna Action features the superior breathability and compressibility of lightweight 2.5 layer Paclite® material, while the sleeves and shoulders benefit from the excellent stretch of 3 layer GORE-TEX® C-Knit technology. The delicate balance of performance values achieved in this parka make it ideal for winter pursuits that require dynamic movement like ice climbing or ski mountaineering. As a bonus the lightweight, versatile nature of this shell means it doesn't have to live in your closet during milder seasons. It's equally valuable during the variable conditions of Spring and Fall or the sudden rains of Summer.

Pumori Parka Women's

For the first time, we've designed a women's specific alpine jacket that is lightweight and supple. Utilizes the GORE-TEX® C-Knit Backer technology with superior stretch and soft texture throughout the jacket. Stress free, easy movement and eliminates the crinkling and rustling which is normally associated with waterproof/breathable fabrics. This jacket is loaded with necessary features for winter mountaineering as well as features which women will appreciate, such as a Detachable makeup guard, which can be easily washed.

Alpine Thermashell Parka Men's / Women's

This high performance parka is perfect for winter activities such as alpine climbing and backcountry skiing. Made using GORE-TEX Fabrics and a material with excellent stretch, this combination of technical materials won’t hold you back when doing dynamic backcountry turns or when stretched out on a frozen waterfall. The brushed lining on the inside of the parka increases comfort due to its heat retaining properties, but unlike insulation or other liners, doesn’t increase the jacket’s overall weight too dramatically. During design we carefully selected features to maximize the functionality, like incorporating a material in the hood, cuffs and hem to prevent snow from sticking when you find yourself neck deep in powder. If you need to get outdoors this winter, the Alpine Thermashell Parka will help get you there.

DRY-TEC Insulated Pants Men's / Women's

These pants were designed with snow sports in mind, such as skiing and snowshoeing. With just the right amount of Thinsulate lining, these pants perfectly balance warmth without being too bulky. Made with Montbell's original waterproof breathable fabric, DRY-TEC, these pants have just the right amount of stretch for mobility and the knees have also been articulated for better movement. With features like ventilation zippers, inner gaiters and wide edge guards, the DRY-TEC Insulated Pants are an excellent choice for your winter backcountry pursuits.

DRY-TEC Insulated Light Pants Men's / Women's

The DRY-TEC Insulated Light Pants is paired perfectly with the Powder Step Parka. Developed using our proprietary waterproof breathable material DRY-TEC and 40g of Thinsulate, these pants feature Edge guard, Side ventilation zips and Inner gaiters for keeping out snow. Simple and designed for hitting the slopes on days when variable conditions are expected.

Anti-Glisse Friction Weave

The Anti-Glisse Friction Weave is a specialized nylon fabric, a critical feature for our alpine garments. Twists in individual threads lead to a wavy micro-crimped fabric surface that helps slow a slide and limits snow adhesion to keep the user drier and warmer.

Waterproof / Breathable material

Encountering snow storms while climbing in winter can possibly bring about hypothermia for those unprepared for the conditions, so choosing the right garment is absolutely crucial for alpine pursuits. The waterproof/breathable fabrics, such as GORE-TEX, STRETCH DRY-TEC, DRY-TEC, are highly technical materials which shed wind, rain, and snow, yet effectively release built up moisture within the garment.

Insulating material


Uses a three-dimensionally crimped construction to achieve our warmest polyester insulation. By crimping the large hollow polyester fibers and weaving super micro polyester fibers & micro polyester fibers, we create multiple air strata and maximize loft. EXCELOFT is as warm as down and dries far faster, making it simple to maintain and ideally suited to wetter climates.


The original warmth without bulk insulation. Inch for inch no insulation keeps you warmer than Thinsulate insulation. When you compare equal thicknesses, Thinsulate insulation provides up to twice the warmth of other high-loft insulating materials and nearly one and a half times the warmth of down.