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Wind Shell Guide

They are not water proof.

They are not air tight.

They do not have “bomber” construction.

So why are they essential when trying to add performance to a layering system?

With the addition of a 2 to 5 ounce / 50 to 150 gram wind shell you can easily expand the comfort range of your clothing in high winds, cool temperatures, and light precipitation. An ultra light wind shell layer excels when counted on to prevent conductive heat loss by shielding you from chilly gusts and light precipitation. It also offers a measure of shelter from sun and pesky insects in warmer surroundings. Additionally, by utilizing air permeable fabrics wind gear can offer a small amount of “breathability” to assist in bleeding excess heat. Finally, by being simple in construction and on the fragile side the highly compressible garment fits in the palm of your hand, making it easy to include in your trail kit and ideal for most activities.

It is a series pursuing Light & Fast. This series is lightweight fabric, it fits the movement of the body.

Super UL Garments

These Series have been redesigned to significantly increase breathability without sacrificing performance in the wind or packability.

Stretch Wind Garments

Adopting bias stretch, it is a series with more elasticity and comfort.

It is a basic series that balanced durability and lightweight compactness in a balanced manner. Camping scene, trekking, city youth can be used widely.

Value and Performance

This value oriented wind shell is cut generously for layering and remains comfortable when active.


Use as your everyday windshell and put it on at night for jogs and walking the dog.

Urban Friendly

This parka has a soft, cotton-like feel.

By integrating a lining, these models remain windproof, boost heat retention, and assist in moisture management.
In spring and autumn wear these wind shirts as an outer layer and in winter enjoy their benefits as a technical middle layer.

Light Shell Series

The Light Shell series was designed for versatility, having a wind and water resistant outer shell, combined with a lining material that is warm but doesn't store built up heat or moisture.

Ballistic Airlight

ultralight yet excellent abrasion resistance

Ballistic Airlight is a nylon that is ultra thin and ultra lightweight, yet has incredible abrasion resistance. Because each individual fiber is tightly woven to create a fine, supple fabric, it doesn't hinder the down's ability to loft freely. In addition, the fibers used to make the Down Hugger 900 series are crimped to provide excellent stretch and feel comfortable against the skin.

About denier: Denier is the weight of a 9,000m long thread, and in practical terms, it is a good equivalent of thickness. A thread of 1-denier would weigh 1 gram. The lower number the denier, the thinner and more fine the thread.


World class water repellent

Compared to standard water repellents, POLKATEX is world class water repellent due to its lasting durability. POLKATEX not only repells light rain easily, it also has oil repelling properties making it resistant to staining as well.

Reflec ink

Refleck ink printed on the entire fabric contains countless glass beads coated with reflective aluminum.

Bias Stretch

Woven fabrics typically do not stretch vertically or horizontally without the utilization of heavy elastic materials.
However, when stressed along the diagonal the same fabric will show stretch characteristics.
Bias stretch orientation
Fabric cut on the bias promotes limited stretch.
Traditional fabric orientation
Standard fabric placement provides little to no elasticity.

Samue Leg Closure System

1. Pull the elastic boand out and twist it 180 degrees.
2. Carefully guide your foot through the loop created by the twist ando secure the elastic band around the ankle.


Used in Montbell's Stretch Light Shell Jacket, Pants and Vest, CLIMAPLUS MESH is double knitted using extremely fine polyester fibers. The space between these very thin fibers serves two important functions : entrapment of air for added warmth and wicking of moisture away from skin. CLIMAPLUS MESH is lightweight and compact. It dries quickly and resists pilling even after repeated laundering.