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Infinium™ Down Series

Engage nature. Without compromise.

Infinium™ Down Series jackets are made to deliver reliable performance and exceptional protection on technical adventures in cold weather. No matter where you go, or how extreme the conditions are when you get there, an appropriately selected Infinium™ Down Series jacket will help ensure that the primary thing you’ll have to worry about... is work on Monday.

For nasty conditions. One solution.

Infinium™ Down Series jackets use Montbell’s highest quality 1000 or 800 EX down, GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ fabric, and our finest construction. Combined, these features give you light, wind-breaking, water-resistant warmth in situations that would overwhelm a traditional down jacket.

Sweater weight.

For cool temperatures or high activity in cold weather.

Mid weight.

For cold temperatures and moderate activity.

Heavy weight.

For the worst that winter can muster.

Montain Inspired.

Suitable for a wide variety of cold weather uses.