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Slip-On Sandals

When you think of summer, sandals and flip-flops are surely some of the first things that come to mind. If you look at the feet of beach goers and people at your local swimming pool, many of them are probably wearing flip-flops, and the popularity of flip-flops won’t be changing any time soon.

Here at Montbell, we’ve applied our design principles to create a new take on the popular flip-flop style: the Slip-On Sandal. At first glance, they may look like flip-flops with a strange strap, but after you put them on and take a couple steps, we think you’ll be surprised at how well they fit.

The design of a typical flip-flop has the thong attached at two points on the front half of the sandal. This means that every time you take a step, the sandal separates from your heel causing that namesake flip-flopping sound when you walk. This flip-flopping action can kick sand and dirt up, under your feet and in certain situations your heel can also slip off entirely.

In order to eliminate these common issues, we tried to reimagine the conventional flip-flop strap design with our Slip-On Sandals. Our new strap configuration utilizes a circular piece of foam (good for the beach or pool because the foam doesn’t absorb water) inserted into polyester webbing. This soft material, when combined with the strap placement over the instep (lacking in a traditional flip-flop), works to hold the foot firmly to the molded shape of the footbed. Additionally, the footbed has a dimpled pattern across its surface to help minimize slippage, while the tread pattern on the sole is designed for improved traction on wet surfaces.

The Montbell Slip-On Sandal represents a significant improvement in the fit of a warm-weather masterpiece, using a simple and innovative change in design. In keeping with our commitment to creating functional and reliable styles that stand the test of time, we have been making incremental improvements to this bestseller now in its fourth generation. We’ve even added some new variants to the lineup in the form of the Sock-On Sandal and the Lock-On Sandal. All in all, these sandals represent a time-tested take on a summertime classic that will surely be popular for years to come.

Montbell Sandal Series