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Montbell's Design Philosophy

"If we need something for the outdoors, we'll make it ourselves." In 1975, when Isamu Tatsuno started Montbell with two of his friends, this was their driving force. Their experiences of climbing the big walls in the Japanese Alps and Tatsuno's experiences climbing the great north faces in the European Alps, made them unsatisfied with the gear that was available then.

Their goal was to develop and produce clothing and gear that would be able to perform in the unpredictable conditions of Japan's mountains: known for sudden swings in temperature, high levels of humidity and pouring rain. They focused on researching and using extremely technical materials that were rarely used in everyday products and taking advantages of their experiences outdoors to create innovative products. This approach quickly earned the support and love of outdoor enthusiasts. For over 45 years, Montbell has continued to pursue product development in the same mindset, based on the two philosophies, "FUNCTION IS BEAUTY" and "Light & Fast®", in order to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts in the harshest environments, keeping them safe and comfortable.

"FUNCTION IS BEAUTY," or "KINOBI" in Japanese, is the concept of finding beauty in expert craftsmanship. We choose our materials meticulously and design products so thoroughly, making them more refined, simpler, and easier to use. This is the essence of "Function is Beauty."

Light & Fast®
We strive to create products that are as lightweight as possible, without compromising quality, function or durability, helping keep you safe by letting you go further and faster.