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Permafrost Light Down Parka Women's


Updated 01/09/20 (EST)

Montbell Permafrost Light Down Parka: Women’s Jacket Review

Reviewed in January, 2019

With a string of cold and wet months on the horizon, I recently turned to the Montbell Permafrost Light Women’s Down Parka with hopes that it’d become my go-to winter jacket. I made the right choice.

Since I switched to the Permafrost Light Down Parka, I’ve put it through the gauntlet: bitter temperatures, ice-cold rain, and brisk wind during the dreary winter months in the Sichuan Province of China. It has performed flawlessly in the face of every challenge and validated my decision to step up my down jacket game.

My first two months in this jacket confirm exactly what I’d hoped: It’s lightweight, comfortable and boasts a well-engineered set of features – all while offering incredible warmth, durability, and water-resistance. I do have a few minor issues with it, however, which I’ll address later in this review.

So, keep reading to see exactly what makes the Montbell Permafrost Light Women’s Down Parka such a versatile jacket. It has been my cozy refuge during these last few cold and wet winter months, and I look forward to weathering more storms with it in the future.

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The TREK Gear Review: Montbell Permafrost Light Down Parka

Reviewed in November, 2018

Overview : This parka is the lightweight version of the Permafrost Parka. It has sewn-through construction to reduce weight and Gore-Tex Windstopper fabrics; this compressible, breathable, weather resistant, and windproof parka is perfect for backcountry adventures in cold weather. Note that it is not completely waterproof.

Circumstance of Use : I wore this jacket on multiple day hikes in New Hampshire. Winter came early in the Whites, and a fresh blanket of snow has made its way onto the higher peaks. It has gotten real cold, real fast. The temperatures dropped to the mid 20s during some points. Throw in the wind chill and it made for a frigid early-winter hike.

Features : Two-way adjustable hood: The hood stays snug on my head, even in windy conditions. It is super warm and thick, and kept my head dry and warm during the duration of my hikes.

Two zippered hand pockets: I like that the pockets have zippers so that nothing can fall out of them accidentally. The pockets are spacious and perfect to hold car keys, cell phone, etc.

Staff sack included: The jacket came with a stuff sack. It’s super soft, and has tons of space to carry any extra items while backpacking or hiking. I usually like to keep any Advil, chargers, batteries, etc., in there, and it has an easy to open drawstring to open and close the top.

Overall : I’d recommend buying this jacket for your next winter coat. I’m super excited to continue using it for the remainder of the winter hiking season. I am fully convinced that it will have no issue maintaining its warmth and comfort. It gets a five star rating from me!