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Light Down Pants Women's


Updated 03/30/23 (EST)

Best Puff Pants / OUTDOORLIFE

Reviewed on March 20th 2023

At 7.1 ounces, the Montbell Light Down Pants are the perfect fit for early-season backpackers and alpine adventurers. I’ve carried earlier versions of the Montbell Light Down Pants everywhere, from the High Sierras to the North Cascades, and never once regretted the extra weight in my pack. The three ounces of 800 fill power down is enough to keep you warm in 30-degree temps in the evening (or 20-degree temps if you’re on the go), while still compressing down to about the size of a pair of socks in your bag when not in use.

While I looked at a pair of the newest model of the Montbell Light Down Pants for this story, I have a pair in my gear closet that I’ve had for close to a decade—it’s picked up exactly one tiny rip in that time, attesting to these puffers’ overall durability.

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2022 The Outdoor Apparel of The Year

Reviewed on Dec 2022

Montbell’s down pants offer a ton of extra warmth in an amazingly compact and lightweight sub-200-gram package. Diamond-shaped baffles keep the 800 fill power down in place, but other than that subtle aesthetic element, the pants are very minimalist in design, making them one of or favorite pieces this year. They’re also available in men’s and women’s cuts. If you’re looking to up your late fall and winter camping game, give them a look.


The Best Gifts for Hikers & Backpackers in 2021

Reviewed in June 14th, 2021

Montbell’s Light Down Pants were engineered to provide an extra layer of warmth when thermal leggings just aren’t cutting it. Designed to be worn during winter hiking, chilly nights around camp, or as part of a cold-weather sleeping system, these 800-fill pants are here to keep hikers cozy and comfortable.

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Reviewed in March, 2020

This is the year of down pants. I know that’s a ridiculous statement, but it’s true. Leave it to the Tour Divide racers to push the limits of comfort and packability. Racers will sleep 4 hours or less and wake up before the sun rises, which makes for some truly cold starts. It’s not to say that these ultralight down pants won’t work on the bike as well. In races like the Silk Road and the Tour Divide - those passes that you trudged up must be descended too.

from benedicto:

Backpack Gear Test / Test Report by Gail Staisil

Reviewed in March, 2020


During the long term test period the MontBell Insulated Pants were continued to be worn on many cold weather trips in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, USA and Ontario, Canada. Elevation ranged from above 600 ft (180 m) to almost 2000 ft (610 m).

During the test period I wore the MontBell Insulated Pants on several multi-day trips. The winter trips were of different variety including lodge, rustic cabin and snow camping. I wore them on all trips for various purposes. They included snowshoeing and cross country skiing or just sitting around trying to keep warm.

The pants remain comfortable. They are easy to slip on and remove. I have worn them over light wool long underwear as well as heavier wool tights. They accommodate other layers well. I do have to take my boots or camp slippers off to get them over my feet but that is not a problem when inside.

I suspect that I would wear them most seasons of the year here for camp wear except for about two warmer months of summer. The pants remain in great shape and show no signs of deterioration such as popped stitches or abrasions.

from BackpackGearTest

Backpack Gear Test / Test Report by Christie Kimber

Reviewed in March, 2020


Even after four months, I am still gushing about these pants to anyone that will listen. I have continued to use them for the same activities as above including snowshoeing, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, lounging, and recently a day of ski touring. They are a great addition to any of these activities. I have been based around Vancouver for the past two months, so most of my snow days have been spent at Whistler or Cypress and the surrounding areas. The temperatures have been anywhere from +1 C (34 F) to -10 C (14 F).

I would recommend a pair of down insulated pants, and in particular these mont-bell pants to any winter adventurer. For me, they were a great addition under a Gortex layer for many winter activities. They kept me warm but were so light weight that I didn't find myself getting bogged down. They also work great as loungewear or as an addition to my sleep system. They are incredibly comfortable with no extra bells or whistles to get in the way or add any discomfort. They are a simple, but elegant solution to the cold.

from BackpackGearTest

Montbell Athlete Heather "Anish" Anderson Review and Recommendations

At under 7 ounces, the Light Down Pant has been a great layer for alpine exploring in the Pacific Northwest. Ideal for a summit layer, I’ve worn these on Mount Baker and other peaks. They provide enough comfort to spend time enjoying the summit, rather than bolting down. Perfectly versatile, I wear them around camp and as an added sleep layer on the coldest nights. They belong in every outdoor enthusiast’s arsenal.

from Heather "ANISH" Anderson