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Ridge Line Pants Women's


Updated 09/25/19 (EST)

Montbell Athlete Heather "Anish" Anderson Review and Recommendations

If you’re looking for the most comfortable hiking pant, this is it. I’ve tried many hiking pants over the years and never really found one that was comfortable enough to choose it over tights and a skirt. The Ridgeline Pant is definitely that pant. The 2-way stretch means that they move with you no matter the obstacle. The nylon fabric wicks well and stays warm for a great thermoregulating garment. I wore these for my ascent of Mount Shasta, which is well over 14,000 feet. The temperature differential from the base to the summit was significant, but I was never cold or over-hot in the Ridgeline. I am also impressed by the pocketing. Several zippered pockets provide a place for valuables, snacks, lip balm or other small items. This is key on fast-moving adventures where you want to be able to access items without digging into a pack.

from Heather "ANISH" Anderson