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Stretch Short Gaiters


Updated 03/15/19 (EST)

Montbell Stretch Short Spats

Reviewed: November 2018

The BackpackingLight Ultralight Gaiter State of the Market Report is an excellent resource that summarizes what to look for in a hiking gaiter. The goal of a hiking gaiter is not to be waterproof—you can expect your feet to be wet all the time—but to keep debris out of your shoes. I have had great results with the top recommendation from that article, the Montbell Stretch Short Spats. It stays in place well, even in deep snow, and has proven to be durable. Last summer, I wore through the elastic part of the bottom strap on rock glaciers in the Wrangells. I repaired it in the field with some extra guyline from our shelter and made a permanent repair with elastic cord inserted into purple tubular webbing. Alternatively, Montbell sells a 0.3 oz “Dura Strap” for $3. To be clear, I do not recommend carrying a replacement strap. Static cord works great as a temporary repair.

from TO THE MAX by Max Neale