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Plasma 1000 Down Jacket Men's


Updated 08/18/21 (EST)

Ultraleichte Daunenjacken von Montbell

Reviewed in August, 2021

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Reviewed in October, 2020

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78 Gifts for Hikers, Backpackers and Outdoor Lovers

Reviewed in September, 2020

A 3-season, insulated jacket that every hiker should have. A “puffy" (or down jacket) is a favorite on the trail for a reason. It’s lightweight, warm, and wonderfully compressible. You can buy lined or non-lined options, or a style with or without a hood.

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Best Down Jackets of 2020

Reviewed in September, 2020

Among serious alpinists, you won’t find an outdoor brand with more street cred than Montbell. This Japan-based company makes gear for those who depend on it, and doesn’t spend much on paid athletes or splashy marketing campaigns. But the proof is in the pudding: Montbell makes some of the most well-respected ultralight insulation on the market, and their most unique offering is the Plasma 1000. With ultra-premium 1,000-fill-power down (that is not a misprint) along with a paper-thin 7-denier shell, it’s by far the lightest down jacket on this list at an incredible 4.8 ounces all-in.


Montbell Plasma 1000 Down Jacket Review

Reviewed on January 17, 2018

The Montbell Plasma 1000 is pushing the limits on jacket tech. With one of the best warmth to weight ratios around, we love it—we just wish it had pockets.

Overview : In this review, we are taking a look at the Montbell Plasma 1000 Down Jacket. Montbell is a company that mainly focuses on camping and hiking gear, so you may be surprised to see us, with our urban focus, reviewing their gear. But we’ve been keeping tabs on them because they’re producing some of the best ultralight gear out there, and a lot of it will work well for both camping or urban travel. (Except maybe the tents and sleeping bags, unless you’re into urban camping or something.) The Plasma 1000 is your classic “puffy” down jacket. It’s super warm, super light, super compressible, and super great for travel—what’s not to like? And while these types of jackets may have historically been associated with hiking and camping, they are becoming more and more common in both everyday life and the urban travel scene. We’d even go as far as to say they have become quite “trendy.” Yeah, we do fashion stuff. Anyway, enough chit-chat. Let’s dive into this review to see if the Plasma 1000 can compete with some of the other down and synthetic down jackets on the market today.

Testing : At the time of this review, we’ve been testing the Montbell Plasma 1000 for about two months of on and off use. The benefits of using a jacket like this are obvious—it’s extremely lightweight, making it easy to carry around, and it still keeps you really stinkin’ warm. It’s super helpful for packing light and especially great if you have an exterior rain shell to use as well. We don’t have much to report in terms of durability issues, and even with that lighter weight fabric the jacket has held up well during testing. It hasn’t really gotten snagged on anything and there are no holes forming, no fraying, nothing that needs repair. So we’ve been very happy with the quality of this jacket so far in the testing.

Overall : Montbell is really pushing the technology on what a jacket can do with their Plasma 1000 down jacket. It’s extremely lightweight with a good warmth to weight ratio, which is mostly what you’re looking for in a travel-oriented jacket. We are a bit disappointed in the lack of pockets and lack of self-compression, but we think the pros mainly outweigh the cons here. Sure, you can get away with a slightly heavier, less compressible, and cheaper jacket—but if you are really looking to optimize space and weight, the Plasma 1000 is an excellent choice.

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12 Best Ultralight Down Jackets for Thru-Hiking in 2018 -- Greenbelly

August, 2018

With 1000 fill power down, the Montbell Plasma has the highest fill power and the lightest weight on our list. It is warm, highly compressible and minimal in design. The outer fabric is made from a whisper-thin 7D ripstop nylon, and there are no interior or exterior pockets. There is no hem adjuster so you may lose some warmth through the bottom of the jacket if the fit is not snug. Also available in a women's specific model.

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Mont Bell Plasma 1000 Down Jacket

Reviewed on March 8th, 2018

The Plasma 1000 down jacket is a rarity: a true niche piece of gear that zero’s in on one thing (lightweight / packable) to the exclusion of almost every other consideration.

The Plasma 1000 is phenomenal on long routes on colder days, either in the alpine or for shoulder season rock climbing. It is so light, and packs down so small that it requires almost no accomodation in terms of space either in your pocket or in a small pack.

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Best Ultralight Jacket: Montbell Plasma 1000 from GEAR PATROL

Review Date: November, 2017

"If you aren’t familiar with Montbell, you should be. They are one of my favorite ultralight brands (I own two of the brand’s sleeping bags). After testing the Plasma 1000, I was not disappointed. At first, the aesthetics of the Plasma 1000 didn’t sell me. The MVDS (Mojave Desert) colorway felt a bit too spaceman for my tastes, but it quickly grew on me. As soon as I picked up the jacket I was shocked — I’ve felt lightweight rain jackets that are heavier. When you toss it up in the air and let it float down, hyperbole aside, it literally mimics a feather. Despite its lean stature, the Plasma is toasty warm and packs down into a tiny stuff sack that fits in its pocket. I took the jacket on a shoulder season camping trip, and I’m glad I did. It took up virtually zero space in my pack and was warm enough to extend a sunset hike into the dark. In the ultimate test, I got a bit too close to the campfire on more than one occasion. Shockingly, none of the flying embers managed to put a hole in the Ballistic Airlight rip-stop nylon shell. — AJ Powell"


Montbell Plasma Puffy

A lightweight jacket designed to keep you warm - in the loftiest way possible.

Ultralight Down

Killer warmth in a baseball-size package? We didn’t think it was possible until we tried the Plasma, the first 1,000-fill power* down puffy we’ve seen. “It’s downright miraculous how much warmth this jacket provides,” says our tester, who wore it for more than 40 days of snowshoeing, winter camping, bike- and kayak-commuting, and dayhiking last winter and spring. “All in a package that’s about the size and weight of an apple.” The secret is the exceptionally lofty, light, and warm 1,000-fill goose down. These finest, fluffiest of feathers have more plumules than lesser quality ones, which translates to more tiny, heat-trapping air pockets and unprecedented warmth in such a light package.
To keep the jacket as light as possible, MontBell used a translucently thin, 7-denier Ballistics Airlight Nylon shell (fibers are heated and stretched, which boosts tensile strength and overall durability), stitched-through construction, and kept the jacket virtually featureless. There are no pockets, no hood, and no Velcro closures or drawcords. “But I stayed warm with just a baselayer underneath in gusty weather down to 20°F,” our tester said after practically living in the jacket for a six-day backcountry ski trip in Montana. “And because of the streamlined fit, I could easily layer it under a shell to take it into colder temps.” Despite the wispy fabric, the jacket shows no signs of wear or loss of loft after a hard season of use. “My only gripe is that I had to keep a very close eye on it when I took it off,” he says. “It sailed away in the slightest breeze!” $269; 4.9 oz. (M); m’s S-XXL; montbell.us

from Backpacker Magazine

MontBell Plasma 1000 Down Jacket Review

Review Date: Nov. 5th 2013

Although certainly a very dependable jacket, the Plasma seems to be more of a technology statement rather than a high-value jacket.

Overall Rating: Recommended

The Plasma attains benchmarks: 1000 fill-power down, stitching that maximizes loft while keeping the down in place, and the lightest down jacket currently available – for which we give it our Recommended rating. However, in spite of all this, when you do the research, there are comparable jackets available at lower cost, including Montbell’s own Ex Light Jacket. Is the Plasma 1000 mostly a technology statement?

As the name suggests, the Plasma Jacket features 1000 fill-power down, which raises the bar for a premium down insulated jacket. But that’s not all; this Spartan jacket also features MontBell’s 7 denier (25 g/m2) shell fabric, for a garment weight of 4.8 oz (136 g). For comparison, a midweight wool baselayer weighs about 8 oz (227 g).

For more detail...

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OutdoorsNW Gear Review: Winter Gear

Reviewed Winter of 2013

Northwest backcountry skiers will love the Powder Cache hard shell with its Exceloft® synthetic insulation and waterproof, breathable features. Available in both men’s and women’s sizing, it’s knee-deep in zippers (hand pockets, interior, chest and pit-zips), has articulated arms, an adjustable hood, hem drawcords and adjustable alpine cuffs. Pair with the water-repellent Plasma 1000 Down Jacket for incredible warmth. The Plasma’s trim cut makes it more effective when topped with outer layers. Weighing in at just 4.8 ounces, MontBell is touting the Plasma 1000 as the world’s lightest jacket this year compared to similar down garments of similar warmth. Used alone, the Plasma is suitable for light backpacking, trekking or hiking. Unisex sizing; three colors.

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