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Torrent Flier Jacket Men's


Updated 06/25/20 (EST)

Your Guide to Day Hiking Essentials, According to Hardcore Hikers

Reviewed in June, 2020

Allgood also has a few solid picks (all from Montbell): The Tachyon Parka for "for taking the chill off during a creak, early morning miles, or when up on a ridge in the wind," the Torrent Flier Jacket that's he’s brought on all his around-the-globe adventures for the last six years, and finally, the U.L. Thermawrap Parka. Allgood says "Everyone loves a puffy, but in the PNW a synthetic top is preferable as it keeps you warm even if it's wet. This lightweight top is great as an extra layer for warmth."

from Thrillist