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Did your rain jacket accidentally get torn while hiking? Are the soles coming off of your "well-loved" hiking boots? Or, maybe one of your tent poles got broken during last weekend's camping trip? Instead of throwing away your damaged clothes and gear, contact us to get them repaired. To ensure a longer lifespan in your Montbell products, we offer a wide range of repair and replacement services that only a manufacturer can provide. Read below to learn more about our after-care service.


Bring your product directly to a Montbell store, or send it in for repair. Before you bring or send in your item, please contact Montbell customer service so that we can accurately assess the condition of the item.

Please send an email to Montbell customer service for inquiries about repairs and include a photo(s) of the item(s) you would like repaired. *Do NOT send the item(s) without contacting customer service in advance.

Montbell customer service contact information
Mail: cs-mbs@montbell.com Tel: +41-(0)33-853-21-21

We estimate the time and cost needed for the repair based on the details and photos provided.

Send or bring the item to the store for repair. Be sure to enclose the Warranty and Repair Request Form when sending your item. Download the Montbell Swiss Online Warranty and Repair Request Form here.
*The customer is responsible for shipping charges.

We repair the damaged item.

Once the repair is completed, we will inform you of the repair fee. Payment is made in-store or via a payment link provided by email. Montbell Club Member may also use their member points as a form of payment.

You pick up your repaired item at a Montbell store or have it shipped directly to your home.
*Shipping charges are included in the repair fee, but customers are responsible for customs and VAT charges upon receipt of the product.

・Send item for repair without the articles that accompanied the item at the time of purchase (stuff bags, shoelaces, shoe insoles, pegs, etc.). We are not responsible for loss of personal effects during repair.
・All items returned for repair must be clean, no exceptions.
・Any dirty items returned for repair may be refused and or subject to a mandatory cleaning fee.
・Use a prepaid and traceable form of shipping when shipping to our repair facility; "Collect On Delivery" returns will NOT be accepted.
・Montbell is not responsible for returns lost while in transit. We recommend that you consider insuring each item and shipping your package via a courier with tracking capabilities.
・Please note that shipping charges for products returned are not refundable.
・For customers residing in Europe (*Outside of Switzerland), please expect an 8-10 week turnaround time.
・Personal information received in order to conduct the repair will not be used for any other purpose. Please refer to our privacy policy for further information.

Garment Repair

We repair tears and holes in insulated jackets, rainwear and wind shells, and we conduct zipper repairs as well. When repairing tears and holes in down garments, we try as much as possible to reapply fabric along seam lines to make the repaired area uniform with the rest of the garment. If down has fallen out, we replenish it with new down.
For tears in waterproof fabrics, we patch the hole and then apply seam-tape along the seams. For lined wind shells, we use a specialized machine to mend the holes.
Refer to the Repair cost list

【Torn Insulated Jacket】 Smaller than 15 x 15 cm (1 area)

【Torn Insulated Jacket】 Smaller than 15 x 15 cm (2 areas)

【Torn Rainwear】

【Torn Lined Wind Shell】

Sleeping Bag Repair

We patch the tear while being careful to make the repaired area as uniform as possible with the rest of the bag. If down has fallen out, we replenish it with new down and apply a patch over the tear or hole. We also repair zippers.
Refer to the Repair cost list

【Torn Sleeping Bag】 Smaller than 10 x 10 cm (1 area)

【Torn Sleeping Bag】 Smaller than 20 x 20 cm (1 area)

Shoe Repair

We resole, replace midsoles and rubber rands, and repair tears in the fabric.
Refer to the Repair cost list


【Replacing Peeling Soles (Near the Toes)】

【Repairing Tears/ Holes in the Boot Collar】

Umbrella Repair

Almost any part on a Montbell umbrella can be replaced. Broken umbrella ribs are replaced by inserting new ones into the umbrella. The canopy, handle and shaft are also replaceable.
Refer to the Repair cost list

Tent Repair

We replace and repair tent poles, even if it's just one.
Refer to the Repair cost list


Repair Department
Mail: cs-mbs@montbell.com / Tel: +41-(0)33-853-21-21
Dorfstrasse 107, 3818 Grindelwald