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Montbell’s Umbrella Lineup

As a brand born in Japan, where frequent rains and hot weather are commonplace, Montbell knows umbrellas. We’ve taken these time-honored mobile rain shelters and adapted them to excel as tools of both the backcountry and the daily commute.

Our first model was introduced in 1987. At the time, lightweight folding umbrellas with six ribs were standard and were ill-suited for use in the mountains where the elements can be more severe. To address this problem we adopted an eight-rib design that used high-performance nylon resin to boost durability and strength. As a result, this allowed us to create an extremely lightweight and compact product. In 2001, we incorporated the use of Ballistic Airlight nylon, which is lighter and more robust than conventional fabric, to create the U.L. Trekking Umbrella.

Following on this success, the Trekking Umbrella Series received a further update in 2016, with the incorporation of a lightweight and strong carbon rib material to the eight-rib concept. By carefully reevaluating our use of materials and design, we have achieved significant weight reductions without compromising strength. As a result, the Trekking Umbrella is 40% lighter than its predecessor, and even U.L. The Trekking Umbrella has been upgraded with a 20% reduction in weight to achieve an astonishing 128g.

Building our tradition of innovation, we are pleased to present a new model to our lineup that is ideal for travel and daily use. Weighing-in at only 86 grams, the ultra-lightweight Travel Umbrella will surprise anyone who holds it in their hands.

Popularized by thru-hiking and fast-packing die-hards, the Sunblock Umbrella is a trail-proven shield for any summer activity. Featuring reflective exterior fabric, it provides unmatched breathability and solar protection in the hottest of environments.

Updated for 2020, the Trekking Umbrella L is now 6cm (2.4 inches) wider when open, providing even more valuable coverage than before.

From the heart of the city to the depths of the mountains, Montbell offers the perfect umbrella for any situation. With it stashed conveniently in your pack, hand bag, or glovebox you might even look forward to the next time it rains.

Trekking Umbrella Series