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Superior Grip on Snow and Icy Roads


Maybe you're walking across an icy patch on a shady portion of trail? Or, you're headed from your hotel to a nearby restaurant in the snow? Wherever you're going, slipping and falling on an icy surface is not only annoying, it's also painful. However, with our Ice Gripper soles, head out into winter with a more confident step no matter the surface. To enjoy a firmer grip and steadier footing on icy surfaces, we first need to ask ourselves...

Why do we slip on ice?

The culprit is a thin "water film" between your sole and the ice. If you think about grabbing an ice cube from the freezer, it's easy to understand. At first, the ice cube almost feels dry and sticky, allowing you to easily grip it. However, wait a moment for it to melt a little and you'll find that the same ice cube has become slippery and difficult to grip. Out on wintery roads and walk paths, steping onto ice creates friction between your sole and the surface, generating heat which melts the ice slightly and creates that thin water film. It's this water film on the ice which causes you to slip, and highlights the need for soles specially designed to promote stable walking on slippery surfaces.

To make a grippy sole for those slippery icy surfaces, it's necessary to remove this water film from between the sole and the ice. The Ice Gripper sole features polyester fibers and fine grooves, helping to achieve this goal.

When you step onto ice, the polyester fibers act like needles, piercing and breaking up the water film. The water then enters the fine grooves in the sole and drains outward. The rubber on the sole is then able to effectively grip the surface of the ice, allowing you to walk confidently with fewer slips.

Our lineup of shoes and boots featuring Ice Gripper soles provide great, versatile usage for outdoor activities, daily use around town and while traveling in snowy regions. So, as you step out into the cold this winter, enjoy a firmer grip and steadier step on those icy surfaces.