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Montbell Down Guide

Commitment to materials, confidence in quality

Montbell’s down clothing is not just high quality and ultralight. From wind blasted, snowy peaks to everyday use on your way to the supermarket, Montbell makes a variety of down garments. Each jacket is designed for a specific use and to meet that use we use different materials and techniques, such as unique quilting patterns, to produce the best possible product. This allows you to select the best piece to meet your needs.

800 fill power down

High quality down that achieves an excellent balance between warmth and weight

900 fill power down

Ultra high quality down that boasts excellent warmth for weight

1000 fill power down

An astonishing, super high-quality down that makes rethink what is possible with down

Fill power is a measure of down’s lofting ability, describing the amount of volume that one ounce (28.3g) of down displaces in a cylinder when weighted (measured in in3/oz). What does this mean in plain English? The higher the fill power, the higher the quality the down. Generally, 600-700 fill power down is considered good quality, with 700+ in the realm of high quality. Montbell’s Down achieves fill power of 800 - 1000, giving it amazing loft, which in turn traps a high volume of dead air. This layer of dead air insulates the air inside the jacket warmed by your body, from the cold air outside the jacket.


Plasma 1000 Series

This series of down clothing is the world’s lightest weight down clothing*, made using super high quality materials and advanced production techniques. Filled with 1000 fill power down and featuring an ultralight and ultrathin, resilient shell fabric. Even the stitches of the original quilting pattern have been designed for maximum weight reduction. Achieving an astonishingly compact size that radically changes established norms, this piece lets you experience the pride and joy of what Montbell is all about: "Light & Fast" and "Function is Beauty."
*Based on research by Montbell on jackets with the same level of warmth as of July

Recommended uses

The ultimate ultra compact, ultra portable piece, whether used as a middle layer for freezing alpine climbs or as year round outer layer for keeping the chill off in the great outdoors or wearing around town.

Superior Down Round Neck

This line of down clothing has snap buttons instead of a zipper. This means the front of the jacket is flatter and when worn as a middle layer, doesn’t feel bulky or restrict movement. A matte fabric and round-neck design ensure that this clothing is good for everything from outdoor activities, travel or under a suit at the office.

Recommended uses

Use as a middle layer during winter or a convenient, portable piece for year round use.

EX Light Down Series

Super high quality 900 fill power down is packed in an ultralight, super thin shell material to create a line of down clothing that is comfortable to wear and feels like you are being cushioned with warmth. The unique quilting pattern reduces the development of cold spots and helps achieve a lighter weight. The zipper and other small details have been designed for maximum weight savings, achieving an almost astonishingly compact size. This is one piece of insulation that is truly year round -- wear in cold weather as a middle layer or as an outer layer for summer trekking when the temperature suddenly drops.

Recommended uses

An incredibly compact, portable series of garments that are true outdoor workhorses. Excellent middle layers for winter activities and an excellent solution for dealing with cool weather year round.

Plasma 1000 Alpine Down Parka

The Plasma 1000 Alpine Down Parka is designed to be as light as possible with extremely thin materials. Filled with 1000 fill power down, to improve mobility the armas are slightly articulated. Designed with zippered hand pockets for use as an outer jacket.

Recommended uses

Extremely compact and portable, this down jacket provides plenty of warmth when taking a break on winter treks and backcountry snowshoeing. Great as a stop & go outer layer in cold climates.

Superior Down Series

Combining high quality down and a super lightweight shell material, this line of down garments offers excellent warmth to weight ratio at a great value. The unique quilting pattern improves comfort by reducing cold spots and an antistatic treatment reduces the buildup of static electricity. Wear as a middle layer in the cold weather and as an of outer layer for spring and fall trekking. An extremely versatile series of garments, the Superior Down Series is your go to insulation when your main conflicts are warmth, weight, space and most importantly, wallet.

Recommended uses

Mid layer in cold weather and an outer layer for spring and fall trekking. Also perfect for everyday use around town or on the commute to work.

Mirage Parka

Using a super thin shell that is ultra lightweight and yet surprisingly resistant, the Mirage Parka is packed with super high quality 900 fill power down. Box construction allows the down to achieve its maximum loft and eliminate cold spots, keeping you warm and toasty on cold winter climbs. Despite having a 2-way adjustable hood, 2 zippered hand warmer pockets, 2 internal drop in pockets, adjustable alpine cuffs and draw cords for shutting out the cold, this feature laden piece comes in at a mere 363g. Super light and compact, you won’t even notice it when you’re carrying it in your pack, let alone wearing it.

Recommended uses

The Mirage Parka is super lightweight and compact, yet incredibly warm. Perfectly at home on alpine climbs or waiting in your pack for breaks while snowshoeing the backcountry.

Frost Smoke Parka

Designed specifically for the mountain with well thought out features that keep you warm whether you’re on belay or just taking a break after touring a couple miles into the backcountry in search of powder. The Frost Smoke Parka utilizes 800 fill power down, balancing warmth and weight. Featuring sewn through construction to reduce weight while keeping down in place. The Frost Smoke is an extremely streamlined alpine jacket that has the features you need to go “Light & Fast.”

Recommended uses

A fully featured alpine sweater for the highly active Light & Fast user with vertical intentions.

Alpine Light Series

Achieves both excellent warmth and a light feeling fit, this line of down clothing is ideal for all-purpose use. Sewn through construction provides an economical way to keep down in place while reducing as much weight as possible. Compact and portable for carrying on the go, the Alpine Light Series is a must when warmth is required and your space in your pack is a premium.

Recommended uses

Portable piece of insulation that is perfect for taking out of your pack when you need a break from winter trekking, backcountry snowshoeing, and other snow centric activities.

Highland Series

The Highland series is our line of down jackets, bringing great warmth at a great value. Utilizing sewn through construction to reduce weight and keep down in place, the Highland series can be easily worn as a comfortable outer layer or mid layer during cold weather.

Recommended uses

Use as a mid layer for cold climates or a convenient, portable piece of insulation for travel and everyday use.

Frost Line Parka

Designed specifically for the mountain with well thought out features that keep you warm whether you’re on belay or just taking a break after touring a couple miles into the backcountry in search of powder. The Frost Line Parka utilizes 800 fill power down, balancing warmth and weight and features box construction to maximize down loft and minimize cold spots. The Frost Line Parka is a feature laden piece that performs exceptionally well on your alpine pursuits.

Recommended uses

Vertical pursuits where weight matters, but sacrificing warmth isn’t an option.

Permafrost Down Parka

Made with Windstopper fabric, this line of high quality 800 fill power down insulation offers weather resistance, windproofing, breathability, and excellent heat retention. Although the Permafrost series isn’t fully waterproof, it certainly stands up against light rain and snow, making this a versatile jacket for high elevation recreation.

Recommended uses

Great for alpine pursuits or conditions when Mother Nature may not quite be on your side.

Urban Series

Suitable for a wide variety of cold weather uses. Curious city dwellers should think of this piece as more sleek “head to toe” down sweater and less outdoor oriented super puffy. Models come with a stuff sack that allows you to compactly store and carry on the go.

This reversible down parka looks equally at home in the outdoors as it does around town. Filled with quality 650 fill power down, this feature laden down parka is excellent for travel, everyday use and even on the trail.